I need a midi controller to use with Cubase and Reason. Looking at M-audio stuff, the Oxygen 8 and the Keyrig 49 are in my price range.

How useful are programmable knobs/buttons on a midi controller? Do they just make it more convenient to change parameters without having to tweak them within the software?

Anybody got any more suggestions for keyboards? My budget is about £50-80
not much help to you buuuuuuuuut.....

make sure you go with one that has velocity sensitive keys.

sorry I cant comment on any more!

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any of those will most likely work for you.
As for the knobs and such.... It depends. If you take the time to do all the programing then they can help to speed things up quite a bit. If not, then they are just extra money down the hole.

One thing that I would deffiniatly take the time to find out is how the action is on the actual keybed. If you dont like that then the board is useless. Same goes with pads.

Also velocity sensitive keys are always good.

Another option you might have is to wait for the nanokeys from korg to come out. Or buy some stuff second hand. Casio keyboards may also be an option and they have sounds (not midi only) though they are usually pretty low quality sounds, some of them are nice enough to write with, and recording via midi they work great.

Good luck in your pursuit and let us know how it turns out.