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Imitating: Clutch, Samuel Beam, and Circle takes the Square respectively.


Jewish backs break while carrying Egyptian stones,
stonehenge sings and robot souls moan.
Jesus Christ is dancing
on Einstein's quantum grave,
after washing his toga in the river
he counts the quarters he saved.

Technology attack,
the straw that broke the huskie's back.
Now lunatics are sledding;
parapalegic wolves in trail.
Chewing on their straight-coats
and waltzing into wooden cells.

Pheremones are raining,
a golden shower from above.
Open wide foul mouths
and taste the Lord's excretory love.
Because pheremones are raining,
as a golden shower from above.

Jewish backs break while carrying Egyptian stones,
stonehenge sings and robot souls moan.
Jesus Christ is running on a pentium two-point-oh.
Outdated software, empty RAM
and Windows ninety-five.

all ways lead to always

childhood and midnight
the world frozen in the streetlights.
parents were always, but never were they everywhere
and we were sending window messages
hidden in the frost,
they were lost but then, again
we scribbled down our secrets,
fingers as our pens.

the gutters muttered to themselves
as autumn fell once more,
cold wind chimed a sound like time
sending shivers down our sleep.
we woke to taste the world anew
and the soup, it made us sick
so we found our old and ragged clothes
and wrapped ourselves up snug
but in through holes made long ago
reality crept up slow. with it came a pale display of
stale eyes and perfect cardboard smiles.
we waited for a while
collected cents and hoped for change,
finding little sense in minutes
just begging for a second chance,
a second glance at what life was.

but finally, as we held hands
we let the planet go
and came to see what we'd been holding
was our own world all along.
then we drifted on towards always
since all ways lead there anyways.


If I were to kill would the king of karma reconcile this thrill?
Hold a hand out to the wind, cast shadows with a smile,
why for cannot you look me in the eye?
Where I see that sheltered shade of sky.

"Behold, behold my esoteric stare,
infringe the veil of concrete with a heliocentric glare,
just take a minute, take a minute to consider our affair.
If this sheltered shade of sky clouds the judgement of a lie,
on a prince of retribution, in a seconds lowly flight,
born again a crimson river swelling on the hour, every hour,
until it floods at the dying of the day."

Unfold, unfold my ecliptic frame of mind,
immerse the stream of consciousness
where the faltering inertia of a tear touching concrete;
fraught with sorrow in its sacrifice
is equal to a head hitting ground.
Bottle his blood - for in his trivial death he's not aware,
bottle his blood - and tell the people I have something to declare;
Long live the king, the king is dead,
long live the king, the king is dead.

'Cause I’ll let this feeling of a fracture spread across the land,
through the forest of the damned.
Pin an IV to their nerves - let the realisation sink,
until their roots reach the surface,
then, only then cut a rough edge in their curves,
a chip into their shoulders - let the bruises beat their features,
until you can’t see the face for the blood.

Now let the maiden flight of fate take to the sheltered shade of sky,
and I’ll prove to you a feather of redemption
falls faster than a fist guided by your eye.
IMO the green song is best. Oh and in the blue song it should be 98 not 95 :P 98 was worse xD
i have no clue about who the people being imitated are.
and they were all solid.
red just felt good to my ears and my soul.
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Congrats Jake!!

It's your turn to pick the topic from the CB thread. Then we'll get the next match up.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Thanks Steve (sorry Zach), good match guys.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.