I haven't been playing guitar for long and I'm self taught. I've always used my index finger and ringfinger to finger powerchords. Index for the root, ring finger for the other two. This in contrast to the index, ring and pinky method I see everyone else doing.

But my wrist really starts to hurt after only 2 songs or so of mainly power chords. And when I stop for a while I still feel a slight burning/tingling feeling in my wrist. Is this the result of a wrong way to hold power chords or are my mustles just overstrained because I'm new to this and they just need to develope more?

I'm worried about it might lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

So should I keep fingering powerchords the way I do now, which I find easy to do and easy to switch positions over the neck. Or should I learn the 3-finger hold, completely having to relearn to hold chords and how to quickly move it across the neck?

For me, I use Index for the root and Pinkie for the other two. I've never had a problem doing it that way. Might take some stress off your wrist, because it's less of a stretch.

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Well you can certainly do it that way. But you may need to stretch your fingers more before playing like that, you know? If you're going straight into playing power chord heavy songs with that kind of technique without a warmup, you're going to overstretch your hand. It's like not stretching before running--you're more likely to pull something.
thats the way i play power chords (1st and 3rd finger) and ive never had a problem but it could just take some getting used to and letting your fingers get used to the stretch another good thing to do is always warm up before you play to help prevent carpal tunnel and what not.
Play power chords on bass in the same way you do.

Finger strength will come with time. Admittedly, I don't use them extensively, but the point still applies.
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I have to say, stop worrying. I've never heard so many people worry or complain like they do in guitar forums. . . . I'm pretty sure the guitar related OSHA recordables are low. . . More than likely you'll get tendonitis occasionally, or like right now, I think I have Arthritis. But as far as technique goes stop worrying about your technique giving you carpal tunnel, if you are doing what is comfortable to you, you should be fine,. . . . . by the way, using a mouse on your computer can give you carpal tunnel, and in the state of California the mouse is known to contain chemicals that may cause cancer. Anyways, Don't worry and just play you'll be okay.
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Watch Freepower's lesson on Posture, that may very well be the real cause of the problem.

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Watch Freepower's lesson on Posture, that may very well be the real cause of the problem.


Thanks for the link. At about 0:55 he does what I'm basicly doing. I'm bending my wrist too far apparently. Guess I'll work on correct posture