I searched and found nothing so here it goes! I assume this is the right thread to put it in! Sorry if I'm wrong!

Basically I've had my Epiphone Thunderbird for around 2 and a half years and I've coped with the 'neck dive' that is infamous with the Thunderbird cuz of poor weight distribution. I've heard a few people mention you can sort this problem out by moving the strap button. I was just wondering where you move it and how you do it. Also if any1 has pics of exactly where it goes or something so i can mod it myself. Cheers
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I've seen people drilling a hole into the neck plate for a screw like a V, or using a longer screw to hold the neck plate in place and also using it to hold the strap button in place.
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use some black/masking tape to find out where your guitars balanced, use lots of tape to make sure your strap doesnt fall off (and be ready to catch it) im gonna try and balance my epi firebird so if it works ill post pics
The strap button on the neck plate screw works. You would probably need to go get a longer screw from the hardware store. And use a drill bit to ream out the hole in the strap button for the screw to fit. I saw billy gibbons had spacer on the regular strap button screw on his LP. It pushed the strap button out about an inch which changes the balance point.