I'm very interested in purchasing a Fender '72 Telecaster Custom (the one with a wide range humbucker neck pickup and a single coil tele bridge pickup). However, I'm on somewhat of a budget. This means financially, a Mexican made model would probably be more ideal compared to an American or Japanese model, seeing as how these cost less.

In all honesty though, how would the Mexican version of this guitar stand up against the others? I know that the body of the Mexican one is made of Adler, whereas the Japanese one would be made of Ash. But then I have heard that the pickups are better in the mexican models.

Can anyone weigh in?
There's only that version and the MIJ version, I believe, there's no MIA version or CS one.

And tons of pros use the MIM ones anyways, and they're solid, good sounding guitars. I would definatly try that one or the Deluxe. They're basically the only Teles that I like!
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Yeah, they're nice guitars. I played a MIJ a while ago and the sound and feel stuck with me, but I could never afford it at this point. I just don't wanna get the MIM one and then later on say to myself "I made a mistake" or "Wow, what a piece of shit". A lot of people act like the MIM guitars aren't even worth looking at
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they play and sound really good, especially for the money. granted, an MIA or MIJ one may feel/sound a bit better, but they're also a few hundred bucks more.
over here the MIJ ones are a similar price to the MIM ones... maybe it's different where you are. i don't think i've tried that exact model in the MIJ line-up, but generally the MIJ versions are noticeably nicer than the MIM... not to say you can't find an improbably good MIM one (or, for that matter, a not-so-nice japanese one) if you look hard enough... but to be honest if there weren't too much difference in price, i'd go for the japanese one.
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