I've a question it might be silly but I really wanna know what is the scale useful for?
am I going to use it in the songs or in the solos?
and is there a scales that I have to memorize you know the one that people use it in the songs ???

thanks in advance
Joe Satriani has some great videos on this on youtube. Search Joe Satriani Lesson and look for the ones that say Mode in the titles, and a few others.

Scales are good finger exercises, get you familiar with the fretboard, set you up to play licks and solos, and get you started in the theory.
thank u that was useful but I did not find the answer of my questions.
I have moved this thread to a more appropriate place.
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What is a scale? A scale is a group of notes.

Why area scales useful? Scale notes are determined by mathimatical formula. Playing scales, chords and chord progressions in the same key, makes the music fit.

These are the very general reasons.