I just thought, what is the thing that we guitarists spend time on but have no practical use for? Chromatical exercises of course. So here I've got something for you to dig(est).

A combination of hard rock and flight of the bumblebee kinds of.

Anywho, here it is.

it would be cooler if you pinch harmoniced the two notes right before the little descending chromatic thing every time, but it's still pretty cool
It has a very old schoolish feel to it. I would love to hear what you could do with this if you made it into a full song.
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I have decided to make a bump.


I'm also working on Riffs that would make up for a song with that as a guitar solo.
Whoah that is really cool sounding.

It would make a sweet intro for a song, like if you had that main riff play a couple times, then the drums come in doing blast beats, and the bass comes in too. I can picture it in my head.

The solo was crazy too, especially that descending thing at the end, it fits the whole cromatic idea that you're going with here.

The only part I didn't really like was the first kind of slower part of the solo... it kind of lost me. Maybe it would make more sense with a backing track, I'm not quite sure. But keep that high bendy thing right before the desceding part, that was dramatic awesome.

Also, I'm jealous of your tone, how are you doing that?

Here is my piece if you feel like listening to something else.