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Use a bookbag
316 83%
Carry books
39 10%
Other... and if so, enlighten me as to what that actually is. :)
24 6%
Voters: 381.
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I'm just wondering, b/c i've been using my bookbag for a while now(my whole life ), and i'm getting tired of it. I'm thinking about just getting some little notebooks, and just carry around books. (individually, that is. I've got a locker...)

So UG, what do YOU do?

I use a backpack at school. I don't have lockers but even if I did I would only use it store things that aren't important. I like to have my books with me at all times, on the days I need them.
how can you just carry your books? go to your locker after every class?
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i prefer to call them backpacks
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I have a briefcase. Cuz I'm rich.
i have bag cause it is tihgt between lessons and i don't wanna get late for class, like most of my class do, 'cept for my and my friends :P lol
I use my Dickies bag..I hate carrying books on my back
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i carry books and have a messenger bag(man purse(it's Swiss Army so...)) for my notebooks and stuff
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how can you just carry your books? go to your locker after every class?

Yep. I got to my locker between every few classes (7 periods)... and it wouldn't be too much of a difference just to go between every class.
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I have a bag. From what I've noticed, chicks carry folders around. Guys have bags.
a few of my friends actually do this. And it looks more convenient...

i waited a month to turn in the important info so i dont have a locker and just use a backpack
I have to have a bag, I usually have about 25 copies and books in my bag at one time.
i have a notebook for english and a 5 subject notebook for all my other classes which are always in my bag. everything else i carry. i only need 3 books for the whole day anyways and two of them are paperback so yeah.
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My first two years I used a backpack, but I realized it made me look funny because it was so huge, so the last two years of HS I just carried a book and went to my locker if I needed others.
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They don't let us carry bookbags at school.

But the way our classes are set up, you usually have time to get to your locker in between classes, so you don't have to carry loads of books.

Freshman don't seem to get this tho... They carry 3 classes worth of books, when they only need books for 2, and they carry their lunches with them during first period.
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Here in England, most people have a bag of some kind, whether it's a backpack, a tote bag, a messenger bag, a satchel, or just a plain old handbag...and we usually have folders, too, depending on which subjects we're doing. Well, at school, anyway.

I usually had either a backpack or a messenger bag, because they were big enough and sturdy enough to fit everything into.
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I carry a backpack around with me, but I also stop at my locker for about half my classes (So my backpack isn't overloaded with books)

I used to just carry my books though and its a lot more inconvenient to do that imo.
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Backpack to school, then locker after each of my classes.
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I use one of those bags that you get at Finish line and Footlocker.

When I get to school I keep it in my locker until I go to Vo-Tech, but I stop at my locker in between classes to get my book(s) for the next class.
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I use a backpack, as does nearly everyone else where I live (San Diego)

Although some people like to use those messenger bags, which I am actually thinking of switching to.

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I have been using my eastpak since 6th grade, so that makes 5 years (counting the same year).
Also, messenger bags are for faggots
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I'm not allowed to carry a backpack into class

I just go back to my locker after every class

however I do go to a private school with only around 700 students
always had a backpack with me. wait till you get to college. :| you'll need a lot more.
I use a bag, yeah. Then again... I always have a bag with me.
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I carry all my stuff in a messenger bag. But, to go the extra mile and prove my br00t4l1ty, it's a Slayer messenger bag.
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use a bag.. its loads easier
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I have heaps of books to carry around to different classes, but I don't use a back-pack.
Mainly, because we're not allowed to.
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everyone at my school has a bag, even those few with lockers. We just dump them in a heap at lunchtime and grab them when the bell rings for 5th. Its always funny seeing first years who haven't clocked this yet carrying their books to Tesco at lunch (like ten minute walk each way - school food is shit, so 3/4 of the school (like 600 folk) go to Tesco every lunchtime).
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Usually just my laptop bag with my computer, a notebook, my chem text book and a few extra pens. Light and simple.
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I have been using my eastpak since 6th grade, so that makes 5 years (counting the same year).
Also, messenger bags are for faggots

My backpack is a little over 4 years old now. (been using it since the 7th grade (I'm in 10th now))

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