First I if this is in the wrong category let me know, i couldn't really find another topic that this seemed to fit under. Allright so the question is I just purchased a Kustom Stage One 100 watt PA for my band practices. It works great, but the hiss and screech is unbearable. I use a shure sm57 mic through the system and its just hard to not have it yell at me : /. I have tried moving the speakers around, the mic around, but the hiss persists. Any and all feedback, tips or questions would be immensely appreciated, and again I apologize in advance if this is the inapprorpriate place to post this.

thanks in advance for all your help
wat my band did is

A: have the mic as far away from the amp as possible
B: NEVER put the mic facing the amp
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stay behind the PA speakers and that might reduce feedback
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