Is this OK?

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Alipine White. I really only use the Treble Bridge pup, so i want to change it to an EMG 81. is this ok?
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Yes but you'll kick yourself when you find a use for a neck pickup!

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you would have to put a five way pickup switch to have an active and a passive. and you couldn't run both pups at the same time. learned this a long time ago from Guitar World.
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neck pickup for the win

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I believe some modding would need to be done because of the impedience difference of the 2 pickups, and since ussually the volume and tone pots are changed for the active pickup.
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Maybe get a high output passive?
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or just take out the neck pickup
iv seriously considered it with my lp, i use the other one as a killswitch, and its just getting annoying.
but thats just me,
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