k. i just got garageband and im trying to start off doing some acoustic covers but i dont really know how to start. for example, when i play the rhythm guitar its hard for me to remember how many times to play a certain riff and when to change without the vocals to back me up and i cant record the vocals first or else it will sound tone deaf. and for some reason im having a hard time keeping time with the metronome even tho im usually good at keeping a beat. recording is harder than it looks. so.....any tips or advice?
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make sure you know the song 1000000% before u record it.
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try listening to the song whilst recording the guitar, it may remind you of what comes next.

yeah. and no cause if i mouth the vocals it messes up my timing with the metronome. i thought the metronome would cure all my problems but its kinda making it harder. i think im just gonna write down how many times to play each part. that shoud work right?
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I haven't used Garageband myself, but usually in recording programs you can put in time markers so you can easily see where the start of the verse/chorus/etc... is

just put in a marker every time the riff changes and watch the computer screen for when you need to change
Yeah I use Garageband. I used to use Cakewalk and theres heaps I cant do. Eventually I'll move on to the Logic Pro Studio but in the mean time it get's the job done and I find work arounds to the limits.

Anyway on to the problem.

I add a software track and choose rock drums as my instrument and put in a basic drum beat - high hat, snare, bass drum. Keep it simple. Then add in simple drum fills and variations that let you know when the changes happen. You might add a simple bass line to assist you further too.

You can always take the tracks out after you have your guitar track laid down.
^thanks for that but im actually just doing acoustic cause im on a trip right now and all i have is my acoustic. but the part about the drums might help. thanks!

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You just have to know the song through and through. Or just loop repeated parts.

wow....i didnt even think of looping it. haha that might actually help alot.
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