I am looking to buy a used Ibanez MMM1. it has DiMarzio MMM1 pups installed and it sounds great, and looks great. I have been shopping for an American Strat and I just happened across this guitar in the process. I was dead set on an American Strat and i tried out several. But I will be perfectly honest. I grabbed this guitar and it sounded unbelievable. I kind of was a little bit dissapointed that it sounded so damn good. Better than the Fenders I was trying. This MMM1 is going for 500.00. i have checked prices on it and it sounds about right. I am bummed out that it sounded so much better than the strat because i have had my heart set on it for so long and now that i finally have the money to buy one, i run into a cheap guitar that sounds so much better. Please help any information you can give me on this will help me make a decison..thanks UG.
...is that Mike whatever (Staind) 's old signature Ibanez Baritone?

Do you know it's a Baritone? Or is it a different guitar?
Ibanez makes really good instruments, and I'm not saying this to be a jerk or anything like that but imo Fender is a company that has very little variety they've always had the same thing, it's worked for them, and they are afraid to branch out, i would go for the mm1, or have you checked out the schecter baritone blackjack?
i haven't checked out a schecter Black jack but i will. I gotta say the sound that roared out of that MMM1 was very impressive.
i trust ibanez very much, i don't know enough about schecter but i would vouch for ibanez on anything but their gio line.