its a 300 watt cab loaded with four G12-75 speakers.
it sounds amazing. but i'm downsizing.
there are some spots on the front of the cab
that has some tears on the tolex but its not bad.
the only bad part is the back of the cab.
the tolex is pretty torn but all that matters
is what it sounds like right?

there are circles i put around the tolex so you can see
where it is.
and in the top left corner of the cab, a corner cap is missing.

i'm selling this for $280
so if you're willing to pay shipping
i'll be glad to sell this to someone.
i'm from oregon if that helps.

Shipping would be a bundle, I bet that's what's turning people away.

Like, for instance, say someone wanted it... But lived in Minnesota. I'd think shipping would be expensive as holy hell even for that far, like $200+...
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I could give you like 100 but that becuase shipping would be like 200 on my part.