Yesterday I went into GuitarCenter, sat down, and pluged into a valveking and messed around with the knobs as always. I was starting to get sick of keeping the gain at 10 and having the gain boost on the whole time, just to get a Sub-par Metal tone. I started walking around and made it to the b-52 section. Plugged myself into a AT-100 head, screwed around with the knobs and got my dream tone. Smooth, tight, high gain, and perfectly Eqed to my taste.
Unfortunately the price was 600$ for the head, 400$ for the cab.
So i did a lttle online looking and i wanted to know...
What are the differences between the AT-100 and the stealth 100 head?
They look similar, all i can see is the 3 mode rectifier knob.
Will you even be able to find a new Stealth? Do a little more research on the differences between the two and if you can, try them out together. I do remember reading some good things about the Stealth, though.

In LA, I've seen used At100's under $400 on craigs list.
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