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So you came about hearing a few songs in the beginning and thought "what the hell, how can anyone listen to this drivel?!", and now you consider yourself a big fan. Any experiences like this with bands? I've done a search and nothing came up.

Would be good to also specify like, what songs you heard originally, what's your favourite song (by them) and what changed your mind.. stuff like that.

1. Jimi Hendrix
I used to just hate his vocals, this was back when I was too dumb to realise the guitarworkery behind it all. I still don't think his vocals are top notch but love the guy (or should i say The Experience). Voodoo Child's my favourite.

2. Muse
Again, vocally thought of them as weak. Then I heard 'Showbiz'

3. Radiohead
Thought of them as a fancy self-indulgent band. Pissed me off further that they had such a massive fan base. This was when all I'd heard was Karma Police, etc.
I gave them a chance and got ahold of the Bends album, much later, and loved it.

Your turn.
opeth-I was just getting into metal and didn't like all the screaming,

classical music used to make me fall asleep also

I remember thinking megadeth were a shi t metallica also but then i heard hangar 18 and head explosions happened
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The Smiths- I thought Morrissey couldn't sing and the guitar sounded like it was being hit. Then I heard 'Barbarism Begins At Home'.....excellent bassline

Joy Division- Again, Ian Curtis sounded dreadful to me and I hated that really strange guitar sound. I guess I just grew into it.
a lot of jazz guitarists like Joe Pass. im really getting into jazz guitar latley.
The Mitch Clem formula
1)make jokes about rancid and NOFX (as if they dont already make fun of themselves)
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3)make fun of Rancid and NOFX again
5)PROFIT (and an army of internet fanboys)
Strapping Young Lad - Thought it was just noise, hated Devin Townsend's vocals.
Meshuggah - Hated everything about them.
Emperor - I wasn't kvlt yet.
Opeth - Hated the growling.

The important thing is that I learned my lesson.
Slipknot, kinda

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Also Radiohead, I thought they were pretentious over-hyped tripe.

Turns out they're actually just amazing, and if anything, under-hyped in my humble opinion.
i used to hate disturbed but some of their stuff actually isnt bad, i enjoyed their cover of Land of Confusion
The Mitch Clem formula
1)make jokes about rancid and NOFX (as if they dont already make fun of themselves)
2)make obvious punk puns, possibly related to food
3)make fun of Rancid and NOFX again
5)PROFIT (and an army of internet fanboys)

before playing guitar i didnt like it, then the first riff my guitar teacher taught me was enter sandman, and bang 2 1/2 years later im a massive fan
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bullet for my valentine - hated that pplz kept saying they were metal n thinking they were badass for listening to them. then i stopped being such an elitist douche and started giving more non-metal bands a try and by god it's worked out wonderfully

edit: song that made me change my mind was tears don't fall. it's got quite a touch of emo in it but eh feh w/e
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Screamo. I heard Fall of Troy a while back, when they first came out, and couldnt listen to much of one song. Now, altho songs that are full screaming that i cant understand arent my favorite, but i really like Fall of Troy now, as well as bands like Underoath, Dance gavin Dance, or A Skylit Drive. I also used to hate some metal, and then Mastodon happened. Blood Mountain is amazing, and so is what Ive heard of Leviathan.
I used to love rap and hate rock, now it's the other way around. I still respect rap with meaningful lyrics but most of today's mainstream stuff is horrid.
Yes and the Mars Volta. Now Close to the Edge and Deloused in the Comatorium are two of my favorite albums of all time. I also hated hip hop and now theres a lot of underground stuff that i really enjoy
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Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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Job for a Cowboy. hated just about everything till i saw them live. its like a completely different band.
In Flames - same as above, but all i did was hate the vocals and drop A tuning in some sings
megadeth - mustaines vocals hurt my head till i heard the entire peace sells album. not their best effort, but it made me come around. also saw them live too

all of them were at the same show :O
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Frank Zappa. I couldn't stand him. Now I own many of his albums and would consider him to be one of my favorite musical artists.
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Pink Floyd, Metallica, Hannah Montana.

The Darkness.



Motley Crue

Pretty much every band I love now, I once wasn't such a big fan of.
Fall Out Boy


here it comes.....

Jonas Brothers
I hate the actual brothers (they don't even have a drummer in the band), but the songs are nice.

...don't kill me
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Pink Floyd, Metallica, Hannah Montana.

Hannah Montana? how could u hate her in the first place? she was always awesome. lol jks.

for me i used to hate screamo of all kinds, now i love it =]
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Slipknot - Thought it sounded like complete shit
Led Zeppelin - I hate the vocals
Pink Floyd - Too drawn out and stoner like, but then I started smoking pot....
Bullet For My Valentine - I thought the vocals sucked, but I got used to them
Atreyu - The screaming used to get on my nerves
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Metallica-When I was younger there stuff just didn't interest me, but as soon as I started playing guitar, I began to like Metallica more and more until I was a huge fan.
Trivium-More or less same as above
Slipknot-When I was a little kid they scared the shit outta me haha, but now I really like a good deal of their stuff
Dragonforce-Though I can't honestly say I like them too much now, a few years ago I really disliked them when I first heard them, but they began to grow on me.

I'm sure their are more, but I just can't think of them now.
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Can someone explain to me what is this sub genre of fag metal? I have never heard it before.
Oh yeah, and Rage Against The Machine because i didn't understand the awesomeness that is Morello!
Audioslave... well i like Tom Morello and i hate Chris Cornell.
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I always used to hate Nirvana for some reason but once i started listening to them they weren't so bad.

Just bands that were so far outside of my comfort zone a few years ago have turned into the bands I can't stop listening to.
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I used to hate the Kings of Leon, because when I first heard his vocals on Aha Shake Heartbreak iwas like wtf? I can't even understand this mofo. But now I love them.

Same with Coheed and Cambria, I couldn't get past Claudio's vocals at first! But now they're one of my favorite bands, and Claudio pretty much is the man.

I saw MGMT on tv, saw their music video for Electric Feel and just laughed and changed the channel. For the past week though, Kids, Electric Feel and Weekend Wars are in constant rotation on my itunes. So catchy!
Coheed and Cambria, Welcome Home brought me around
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Probably Radiohead would come the closest!!

Never was big into them... but i'm developing a certain liking for them... They're very arty!!

Though loads of bands i used to love n now hate...
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