how good exactly are they?

a kid in my italian class has one[crappy strat copy] and up until then id never heard of cort guitars.

how good are there mid-higher end models? price per quality ratio?
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I've played some very nice 500 dollar corts, not amazing but for a low end guitar it was superb Id imagine their higher end guitars would be sweet also
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All I know about Cort is that one of my favorite guitarists, Neil Zaza, uses Cort guitars and also has his own signature series. Good luck finding one, though.
i have a cort strat copy, and it is by far the best strat i have ever played. i had it professionally set up, and now, it plays as good as, or better as an american strat. it pwns mexi strats in every aspect too. i love the stock pickups, and the craftsmanship is amazing. i play it over my gibson sg. i dont know how the prices are on them, but i bought mine (an 04 model) in 06 for 50 bucks at guitar center. it was cheap becuase it had a short in the jack, but that was an easy fix. anyway, i and my friends who also own cort guitars would swear on them. they are that good.