Okay my friend suggested i lay down foil on the inside of my guitar, can you just use normal foil found in grocerie stores?(tin)

I'm redoing the wiring in stuff right now, so the guitar is completely gutted out, and well will tin foil work or is it a no-go?

and one more thing, how much buzz will it reduce?
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yes, you can use aluminum foil. thicker is better.

- it will reduce the hum and noise, but only some. better than nothing, though.

- copper foil is easier to work with, because you can solder to it. you can't solder to aluminum foil.

- shielding is useless, unless the foil is connected to ground. like the case of your pots / bushing of your output jack, something like that.

- you have to be careful the foil doesn't touch a bare connection for any of the signal wires or you'll short the signal and get no sound at all

- BE PATIENT! sometimes it takes as much as a day for someone who knows about an issue like this to see your thread. don't be a nuisance.
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If you use 'grocery store' foil (aluminum, btw. not tin), use AT LEAST 2 layers. I re-did my amp's shielding with 3 layers and it's dead-silent again. Only downside is that type of foil tears like tissue paper. REALLY a bitch to work with.
this is an idea that i hadn't thought of before, do you just put the foil in the cavity or do you use something to stick it to the wood?
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I stapled it. You don't have to attach it at all, but common sense dictates that it's the logical thing to do.

Most people would prolly use spray adhesive, but I'm cheap.
When i shielded my Squier, i used these really big baking trays made of foil, it was like $2 for a couple of trays, and they work great. Much thicker than regular foil.

I used to have a tutorial about it, but the place i uploaded all the photos deleted my account

EDIT: I didnt use anything to stick it down. The foil was rigid and thick enough that once i'd moulded it to the shape of the cavities, it stayed that way.
i'm lazy so i use conductive shielding paint and conductive tape. plus i'd rather only do it once so i try to do it right the first time.