My band is looking for a recording machine. We have never dealt with recording anything and our "manager" demands a recording. The most money i think we can spend is anywhere from $100-$300 and thats pushing it. I also want to know what is the best recording software to use. Thank you in advance
we call him our manager, but he is in our age group and he basically runs a wrestling business and he just decided to help us. btw thank you i'll look over these with my band mates
yea strange manager haha
$300 will not record drums but you could get one fair mic and a nice interface...also be sure you have a computer that will run your sequencer well enough.

To record acoustic drums you may want to save up for the PreSonus FP10 and a nice mic pack...
Maybe a Zoom H2 in surround mode. Stick it in the middle of your band while you play. Then complain to your manager that you'll need $800 at least for equipment to do a semi-decent recording or studio time.
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