Ive got a solo acoustic set coming up. Never done an acoustic set before but I need money for a new guitar before I can get a band together. Anyway, its just a bunch of covers I threw together so I can get some money. The songs are probably going to be Nutshell (Alice In Chains), Devil In Disguise (Elvis Priesley), Come Together (The Beatles), Personal Jesus (Johnny Cash version), either But Honestly or Stranger Things Have Happened (Foo Fighters), Betterman (Pearl Jam), Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), The Man Who Sold the World (Nirvana version), House of the Rising Sun and maybe one original. Each cover has been rearranged a little bit for my preference; ex- Come Together has a blusy-er feel, Wish You Were Here has an original solo after the 1st verse.

1st. I was wondering whether I should do But Honestly or Stranger Things Have Happened. I dont want to play both and I probably wont have time.

2nd. I wanted to gather opinions on what would be best to open with and, more importantly, what would be best to close with. So far Im thinking Wish You Were Here.
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Definitely open with Nutshell, end with Wish You Were Here.
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Do Stranger Things
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