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Tell everyone what gear has changed your life.
whether it be as small as a pick or as big as an amp, there has to be something in your rig that pumps you full of joy.

mine is definitely my MXR eq and my Tortex jazz III's
Valveking CLIPS/Gear HERE
ibanez Ts9, i get so much use out of it!
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My acoustic guitar, without it I would have never learned to play gutiar.
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My Black 13 pedal, provides my crunchy tone.
Ibanez RG7321 Seven String
Epiphone Iommi Signature SG
Digitech Scott Ian Black 13
VOX Valvetronix AD100VTH
Laney 4x12 w/Celestion 50s
epiphone sheraton i bought about 8 months ago used, it opened my mind to the wonders of a semi-hollow guitar and it plays like a dream and ill never sell it
My Ibanez RG2550oz that I just got YESTERDAY!!!!

I ****ING LOVE IT!!!
voodoo labs midi switching system- sooo clean
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My Squier strat - learnt how to play on that thing. Still love it.

Digitech Bad Monkey - makin average amps sound alright since poor guitarists existed.
My Epiphone les paul and my homemade "High Boost" pedal. they compliment each other so well.
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My fender strat I got from a friend<3
Peavey 6505+
Fender Hot Rod Deville 410
Fender Telecaster Blacktop
Gretsch G5120
rack system in sig
Baron K2 SE 120
MILLS 4x12 Afterburner
Eventide TimeFactor Delays
ISP Pro Rack G Noise Suppressor
BKP Warpig pickups
A regular Dunlop 1mm plastic pick. When I first started playing I was always dropping my pick, which made me loose the urge to keep on playing. Then I bought those picks and suddenly playing guitar was much more fun when you didn't drop your pick all the time.
I don't drop the pick anymore after three years of playing, though I still use those Dunlop picks.
my RR5
Peavey 3120
Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Cabinet
Jackson RR5
Jackson DKMG
LTD EC-1000
TC Electronic Polytune
MXR 10-band EQ
EHX Small Clone
Dunlop 535Q Crybaby
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+
my 362 sonic maximizer, if you dont have one

i will buy one for you, for the sake of your playing

Gibson SG faded, black hardware/ EMG81-89
peavey 6505+
GMajor Effects Processor
BBE 362 sonic maximizer
THD Hotplate
Avatar 2x12 w/ Hellatone 60/ K100
Behringer FB1010
the discovery of puttin an eq pedal into an effects loop
Faded Gibson SG Special - Black ice mod
Seymour Duncan SH-5 in bridge
B-52 AT 112
Ted Weber Mass100 attenuator
EHX Small Clone
EHX Metal Muff
DIY Modded tubescreamer
Dunlop 535Q Wah
Wax Potting tutorial
My Vox Valvetronix AD15VT. When I first started, I spent the first 9 months playing through a small Marshall MS-2. When I got my AD15, it was a huge change for me... it actually made me take playing guitar even more seriously, and I still love it to this day.
My original acoustic guitar in 7th grade... introduced me into the world of guitar.

And my laptop/interface/cubase setup now... introuduced me into the world of being a musician.
Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II
Jackson Soloist SL2H
Schecter Hellraiser Solo 6
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top
Epiphone AJ200SCE Acoustic-Electric
Epiphone Embassy
Vintage Audition Mystery Guitar
B-52 AT100
Vox VT80
Probably my Fuzz Factory. If I need dirt, that's my go-to pedal.
::Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
::Fender MIM HSS Strat w/ Bareknuckle Nailbomb and killbutton
::Digitech Whammy, ZVEX Fuzz Factory, EHX MicroSynth, Kaoss Pad 3,
Boss GE-7, Fulltone OCD, Digitech Digidelay, MXR EVH Phase 90, FoxxTone FuzzWahVolume
BBE Green Screamer. It totally made my amp come alive.
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My 5150.
The world of tubes is a brilliant thing indeed.
I can't play through solid state amps without feeling ever so slightly sick now. The feel just isn't there.

The top one.

and the small piece of brass underneath it.
^So i know we're meant to be looking at the strat, but what is that beneath it? Is it an ibanez? It's gorgeous
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Why thank ye.

It's an AXD82P Artcore series. Great little thing.
my marshall. It let the bad aspects of my playing shine through and made me become a better player
My Gear
-Gibson Les Paul Tribute (Bare Knuckle Nailbombs)
-Ibanez "lawsuit" Les Paul (Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentinent)
-Ibanez S470 (Dimarzio D-sonic and Humbucker from Hell)
-PRS SE Custom (Guitarforce Black Diamond and Lord of the Blues)

Marshall TSL100
EVH 5150III EL-34 50w
Marshall 1960a cab

Dunlop 535q wah
Boss Super Chorus
Bogner Uberschall
Ibanez DE7 Delay
Electro-Harmonix Power Booster
Fender PT100 Pedal Tuner

Ernie Ball Skinny Top/Heavy Bottom 10-52
my ibanez js100. before I picked up this guitar, I was ready to give up guitar altogether (and for a time i had put it down to gather dust). The part that got me back playing was the thin neck. I have short stubby fingers and a thicker neck is really hard for me to play anything with speed.
My Mesa Recto with an EQ pedal..... i finally found "my tone".
Epi Les Paul-APH1/Mean 90
MIM Strat

Korg DTR1000
Mesa/Boogie Quad Pre
Mesa/Boogie Midi Matrix
<power amp>

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Plectr'os (which are donut-shaped plectrums). Playing with any other plectrum feels really wrong now.

Also my Laney.

Really, every piece of gear I get totally changes my playing style.
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Two pieces for me are equally life changing.

My Schecter for being my first guitar, and opening me to the world of non-BC Rich shaped bodies. I used to hate this style but now it's secks!!!

My Ibanez Tone Blaster Xtreme (scoff all you want!!) it opened my world up from the crappy 30w practice amp I had before to a real sound that works for me.
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This ratty old Squier Bullet Strat I found.
It's actually not bad.
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