So... i love my gain and i hope you do too. Basically im looking at either an Epi Valve Standard or a Laney LC-15... something along these lines, but the fact is although i love the idea of the epi im not sure if its the right kind of amp. In my opinion i can see me getting some cracking vintage tones out of it, and hot damn im all for that, but i play a shit load more hardcore/metal a la: I killed the prom queen, Parkway Drive, Bleeding Through...yeah you get the picture. So am i better going for the laney? or is there an even better alternative. Remember...it must be small. no bigger than 20w
The one legged chickens from outer space made me do it!
yeah but i've been through an through SS amps and tbh theres very few which make me go 'oooh'. I've been after a tube amp for a while now too after playing on an LC-30 at my local shop
The one legged chickens from outer space made me do it!
Fellow Maggot, I'm in the exact same boat as you. was thinkin epi valve, but now after seeing the laney i'm interested in that. Lemme know what you decide and if it works out for ya. BTW i saw bleeding through this summer. AWESOME. The vocalist grabbed my hand for like 5 seconds, i think i had a chubby.

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Haven't tried the Laney, but I've got some clips (not the best) of the Epi Valve Standard with a Hellraiser/Blackjack ATX and a Danelectro Daddy-O overdrive going through it that you could listen to.
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