What are the best bets? My friend is looking at some ibanez and esp kirk hammets.... which one should I buy?

Any suggestion is good.
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I've been here nearly 4 years now. I get no respect.

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Also, whats a good legit site that has some badass deals?
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I've been here nearly 4 years now. I get no respect.

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stay away from ibanezes with the edge 3 trem its not very good. are you sure you want a trem it is a real pain to change tunings on even just to drop d from standard
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^that is prob the best for your money but what amp
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I voted lime.

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Epi Prophecy EM-2 FX/numerous Kramers/Jackson DXMG ($50 bucks more, but I think it's worth it).
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Get one of the lower end Ibanez RG series guitars

Not GREAT but decent guitars, especially for the money!

Look them up on www.musiciansfriend.com

Do not listen to him, edge threes will give you nothing but trouble.
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dont buy the low end LTD Kirk Hammet signatures, they are horrible
if you really want to buy a KH-2 save up for the ESP.
But if you like ESP LTD's look at the alexi-200 probably in your price range
you cant go wrong with ibanez eithers, they make some sweet guitars
Just save up more.

I recommend a MIM HSS Strat
(Yeah, you're probably like "Meh.." but try one)

or a Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

i love esp/ltds so id say go for the hammet the alexi is a great guitar i have a white one i love but it stays in e and all my bands play in drop b and i have a problem bumping it on every thing
you will get a shitty trem in that price range, save up now or regret it later. don't go with anything other than original floyd, edge pro, or maybe edge ZR, if you can't avoid trems altogether (imo more than a pain than anything)
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i suggest save more and get an Jackson RR3 or an ESP LTD AL-200.

but in price range an Ibanez S320.
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kirk hammets lower signature guitars are overpriced as many other signature models out there. Don't go for it unless you must.

Try to get a Schecter Hellraiser used. Those are around the 500 mark.

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we have a good discussion here. lets get more opinions.
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I've been here nearly 4 years now. I get no respect.

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