Like making up lyrics on the spot? Are there any lessons or anything or should I just download a drum beat and get started?
haha, i remember when i used to rap, good times. here's some advice: listen to as much rap as possible, focus on the flow, the rhymes, the way it sounds in general. check out nas, common, outkast, aesop rock, lupe, some kanye, etc. then get FL studio or just download some beats, loop them, take a few moments to get the rhythm and start freestyling about anything. i used to make a beat when bored and then spent the next couple of minutes just rapping about what came to my mind, usually about my day, what i had done, what i had to do, how i felt etc. anything that's on your mind, focusing on the flow. after some time doing this, you can move on to more specific topics, get a friend to give you something to write about and just come up with something (check out the lyric game topic in the main S&L for something like this).

it also helps a lot if you have a friend or two who like to rap. Start a rap cypher with them, which is when each of you take turns freestyling, not really in a battle way, just friendly freestyling, usually just about your surroundings and stuff. also when you come up with a good line make sure write it down for future use, you usually come up with really creative stuff when you freestyle because it comes straight from your head, you dont have the time to worry about people's reaction, etc. One last thing, don't get caught up with rap cliches, ughhhh theres nothing worse than that, bling, hoes, cars. be creative.
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Hey Dude This is Ulitmate GUITAR not ooh, how do i freestyle rap. rap is crap.
(just remeber that quote.)
Rap is a sack of crap sitting on your lap, cuz its wack. This isn't ultimate bank robbery or ultimate welfare scam dot com.

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