Hey guys, I'm new here and wow there are a lot of people! hopefully yall can give me some advice.

I've been playing guitar for 15-20 years, and really taking it much seriously in the last 8 or so. I have ten guitars in my house, and all of them are either low or midrange guitars ($400-$700 price range) with the EXCEPTION of this hot-ass new Gibson ES137 Custom I picked up last week:

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Anyway, as you can probably imagine this has opened up a ton of new tonal possibilities for me. I play a really really wide variety of music, predominantly rock I guess, but I love to play clean stuff as well and even some weird experimental crap that I mix in with techno and ambient music.

I do not play live very much anymore, I don't have time to at this point in my life, but I channel that into recording more and more. So, with that said...

I'm looking for a new amp.

Like I said I have so much low and midrange equipment. My standard setup is a Boss ME-50 going through a 12-year-old Crate GX80. this awful setup is really gimping the tone on the Gibson Custom and I need something that will improve, not destroy, the sweet-ass tone of the ES137.

Since I don't gig (as much) I'd imagine that a combo amp would be fine. Even a 1x12. The crate really needs to go. Is there such a combo amp that is primarily for practice and recording that has REALLY GOOD tone without being just a crappy practice amp?

Price is another issue, as you can imagine I dropped a good sum of cash on the Gibson, so I'm hoping to find something decent for under $600.

Alternatively, I could keep the crappy Crate around for playing in my house, but it won't be very satisfying... and I could go pick up a Tonelab LE or something. Your opinions on that pedal would be helpful too, because the Boss ME-50... well... sucks, and has some of the worst distortion I've ever heard in my life.

Anyway, long intro, but I appreciate your help. Thanks!
Thanks man, I am really enjoying it actually.

One unique thing about the ES137 is that Gibson claims it has the sound of a les paul with the semi hollow possibilities. So I want something that will really play off the quality of the guitar itself, the '59 neck and the '57 classic pickups.

Distortion wise. I know this guitar is not really a shred guitar, but I know that I can get some bad ass rock tone out of it with the right effects. Boss is not cutting it. Would it be better to get an amp with a good distortion channel as well as clean, or an amp with a perfect clean channel and a good stomp box or other dist pedal? if so which is a good one? I want something that'll give me feedback possibilities as well as lots of harmonics, which i guess means high gain, but without it fuzzing to hell like every single setting on the ME 50 does when you put gain past 6.

Thanks again
That is really nice. Under $600 the blues junior would be a great choice, but if you can find a Peavey Delta Blues you gotta plug that thing in.
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Any opinions on the Peavey ValveKing or Vox Valvetronics? I know Valvetronix isn't really "pure" tube... for that money I might as well get a tonelab LE... is that accurate?
A little Mesa, Studio etc are pretty good and can be had for around US$600 used.
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