^^working title ofcourse.
I dont know who all paid attention in history class but you may remember a 'cartoon' just before the American Revolution trying to convince the remaining colonies to sign the Declaration of Independence and join the Revolution against Great Britain. It was a snake broken into eight pieces. Each piece was labeled with the initials of a colony that had already ratified the Declaration. And under the snake were the words "Join or Die". Anyway, that was in my head when I was writing this

Its a punk song ofcourse. Moderate vocals. Stupidly fast power chord changes, damn my mind..

This is my own declaration
To all the business men, and owners of America
You can hear from my battle cry
You will never take me alive

Freedom or Die!

Now youre graduated and sentenced to
Sixty years as a business tool
Then youre done, youre heart has quit
Now you gone and they dont give a sh*t

Im thinking one more verse before I repeat my little one line 'chorus'