Hail sons and daughters of metal. i am uber stoked right now, because i have finally gotten my parents to let me grow my hair out! i'm so exited, i could hardly sleep for 3 nights. and now that i can grow it out, its taking forever. and also, why do so many girls not like long hair? whats not to like about it?
It gets annoying fast, trust me.
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ya man it will take a long time for it to grow.. you will go through the bad stages looking like the beatles but after a couple years itll be metal |m| so kick back drink some brew and jam some guitar cus its a long wait.

As for the chicks. dont worry about it. Some dig it some don't, but the ones that don't are the shallow type anyways... Stay true man
dude if your hair is hot like mine long, ALL chicks dig it
and the guys want it
and it gets you laid.
im serious!
Don't forget to buy conditioners and a shitloads of combs. And to answer the question why chicks don't like long hair on a guy; maybe they feel threatened. Long hair is usually an attribute applying only to females. They might be insecure with a male with long hair because it's not common.

Or maybe...I don't know. I'm actually somewhat drunk right now ololol
Why do people say grow their hair out? Makes it sound like you're growing an afro...
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Women tend to not dig long hair on dudes cause it confuses them. Whenever alot of chicks first meet me they tend to ask about my hair. You think the Iron Maiden shirt would give it away, but no.

I guess to them its the same as guy with really long fingernails.