Do different brand strings, same gauge, actually make a difference with the sound of your guitar? Is it only with more expensive Amps/guitars? I was curious because I remember seeing a thread that said D'Addario (the strings I use) were overrated and that DR strings were better.
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Yea, different brand strings have different quality. Obviously there are different string gauges which have different effects, but better string brands will tend to last longer, which is a big plus, and they do tend to sound slightly better as well, but you need a decent amp that'll allow you to hear the smaller changes in your sound better.
Honestly, It's a matter of feel. I can't stand Elixirs of any kind, because they're too slick. I like GHS boomers 11-50.
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I used to use elixirs, but their price and the fact that I had to order the stringthickness (13-60) I wanted, made me change to GHS Boomers, and I don't hear a change in my tone. The only thing changed is the feel of the strings, but that's not an overwhelming change. I have a theory that more expensive strings is just a marketing trick to make more money.