This is my first finished music composition ever, I have two more in the making in guitar pro but this is the one I've been working on pretty intensely for the last week. It's my first one, and I enjoy it but I'm sure theres lots of parts I can improve on. I really want some tips on structure, and transitions, and any other fundamentals you guys see that could help me out in starting to write music. Btw, I really suggest using the Gp5 or Gp4. Midi loses alot of power the RSE stuff gives this song. Thanks in advance
I don't feel like fully critiquing this so I'll just hit the important stuff. You need to learn what general song structure is before you make a song with no structure. You got an intro, which starts the song off, the verse which is the kinda reserved sounding part where alot of the lyrics in a song are, usually the lyrics are different in each verse, and you have a chorus, where everything goes all out, lyrics are almost always the same in each chorus. The next thing is music theory, it's a confusing word right? Well you don't have to become a theory master, but try turning on the chromatic scale in guitar pro (bring up the fretboard (Under the view tab at the top) and click the scales button and find the chromatic scale) That way you can see what each note is and all. Let's take your last part of your song as an example, one guitar was playing something awesome, the other was playing something awesome, but together it sounded uneasy and dissonant (in a bad way). You need to make the guitar playing on the higher strings harmonize with the one playing powerchords better. I changed it a little so you can see, I only changed it from 107 onwards, basically you just wanna be trying to play the same notes as the other guitar or a note that would make a power chord with the other guitar.

Your song wasn't bad, in fact with a bit of work it can be a really great metal song, all you need to do is work on a few parts (I fixed a bit of the drums, but try not to make them cut out randomly at some places like you did) Also, on the scales menu, look at some other scales, especially the major and minor scales, if you can get those two memorized on your actual guitar (just remember that it's the same 7 notes repeated all over your fretboard at different octaves) then it will help your riff writing a ton. Over all, especially this being your first song, it was good. Keep up the work. Also, if you want good sounding RSE drums, choose acoustic drums and Drums - Compressed. One last thing, don't make the bass play powerchords, sounds bad.
Hey, thanks for helping me out. You touched on alot of things I was unsure about, thanks for all the advice, I needed it definately. Lol yeah, I've been trying to get enough time to read my Dad's theory books, they're somewhere hidden in my basement. I think I'll kind of go through and touch up the song for a new version, I don't think I'm gonna revamp the structure, just cuz its so random and there's so much material. My next song I'll try and make more structured, and I'll disclude those powerchords on the bass =\. Thanks again
Listen to Dream Theater, or Tool. Any band with a good drummer actually. The drum part shows you obviously don't have much knowledge of them, which is understandable. It always helps to learn the basics of instruments because that way you have a better feel for them and how to approach writing parts for them.

But basically, apart from harmonising, the song lacking a bit of structure, it actually has alot of potential. If this is what you write without knowledge of any theory, then when you do know a bit, it will be great.

But yeah, focus on drum parts in songs and listen carefully to what they are doing.
Yeah that's exactly what I've been doing lately, listening to drummers. Recently they've stood out a lot more to me and I realized how much they really add to the song, it's a crime the lack of respect I used to have for a drummer. It's true I have absolutely zero experience with drums, I'll have to give them more attention in my next piece.