OK I have been playing for about 4 years now and my pedal count is as follows:

a) Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
b) BOSS DD-6 Digital Delay
c) Behringer Tube Overdrive
d) Behringer Ultra Metal

I know the two Behringers are absolute crap and I bought them due to the fact that I wasn't quite sure about what pedal I wanted and that they were about $50 AUD so it's a cheap way to see what I'm after.


My music style has... developed... and what I was aiming to play (AC/DC, Metallica, Butterfly Effect) has now also included bands like The Mars Volta, Muse and Alternative/Indie style. I was wondering which pedal/s (Overdrive and/or Distortion) would complement me best with all these styles (I know they're varied).