Okay, basically, this was for two Digitech pedals that I found at a local used store but if I find other I guess I'll post them here too.
Basically, I was wondering if the Eric Clapton Crossroads and Tone Driver Overdrive pedals are any good and if they're worth buying for $50 each (actually I'm not sure about the Clapton pedal but let's assume). Both of these are digitech pedals and they seem pretty cool from what I've read. I'm basically looking for anything neat that would change my tone and give me more tonal capabilities (tone, timbre, and sound properties I guess). I play mostly metal with some rock and some classical as well as a bit of shred now and then. My fave bands are Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Trivium, and Metallica (in that order) if that gives you any ideas.
I have a Boss EQ, which I like, it's pretty cool, and I just recently got a signiture DOD Yngwie Malmsteen pedal (I don't really care too much about grabbing his tone, but I love the way the pedal boosts both my volume and my gain, makes notes clearer, and brings out the treble more where as I have a '96 Peavy Bandit 112 {solid state} which has a classic thrash sort of sound and is heavier on the bass).
I basically just care about what the pedals do, if they're much good or not, if the price makes them a good deal, and other thoughts.
Go ahead please?
I don't know about the Crossroads pedal, but I know that you can get a Boss Super Overdrive pedal new for 40 dollars that I would recommend over any digitech overdrive.
Well, that's the funny thing. I read another testimony that said that the Digitech pedal could do anything that the Boss pedals could do, but better. This was out of a Total Guitar magazine. I really don't know what to look at I guess, sort of confusing.
Those pedals are... meh. Digital pedals sound kind of sterile. I would suggest not buying them and saving for a new amplifier.