Okay, so it's already been one year since I picked up the guitar.

I know
all the major and minor chords.
I know how to
palm mute strings and chords,
how to do an Appregio,
chord picking,
I can do quick changes,
I can tap, bend, trill, hammer-on, pull-off

But somehow I feel that something in my playing is missing. I just can't figure out what.
So that's why I decided to start from the beginning.

But I don't know where to start. So ... can you guys help me? ^_^
Learn the songs you like, improvise solos over them, join a band, whatever you can think of to keep you playing.
keep learning lots of songs that you like and start getting more into theory and learn scales and stuff.
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I won't give the typical "learn theory and scales" stuff, that stuff is important to learn but just play so you're enjoying it and don't make it a chore. Don't "start from the beginning" everything you learn is valuable really.
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