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9 25%
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I'm a Passive kinda guy
20 56%
Voters: 36.
Yeah yeah, this has been done before, but none seem to have an actual poll, making it hard to keep track. Plus if if you don't feel like making a comment at least this can still count your vote.

Now I'm bringing this up because I just got myself a set of Blackouts in my Dean CFH model today. After purchasing a Schecter Hellraiser a few weeks ago and being blown away by the EMG 81TW & 89TW set it came with, I realized that if my Dean were to keep up with it I needed some active pups in it in a hurry.

I think they are great and bring new life to the Dean but the schecter is still way more pronounced sounding with the EMG's. The Blackouts seem a little Darker and slightly fizzy sounding where as the EMG's are a little less hot in the gain department but much clearer in note definition. It may just be my EQ and how I'm not entirely used to them yet.

The Schecter is All Mahogony with a Rosewood fretboard and a fixed bridge. Set up in Drop C with 10s

The Dean is All Mahogony with a Rosewood fretboard and a Licenced FR. Set up in Drop C with 11s

I had 52-10 on the dean before and it sounded about the same. So is the FR the issue with my lack of sustain or does the body despite have the same wood types just have a darker tone.

Anyways, despite this being a Verses Thread let's keep it at least somewhat respectful and not make it a Flamefest
they blackouts have more tone but in general active sound sterile.
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no vs theads...

I dislike actives but I don't play that sort of music.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I can understand why most people prefer passive pickups. I have a set of Burstbuckers in my 57 Les Paul. Super Versitile! But at this point in my "Music Career" I discovered that Active pups were the most logical way to go to get what I wanted/needed.
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EMG's have more balls for a chunky rhythm sound. But seymour duncan JB's whail more for solos in my opinion. But I'd say i'm and EMG guy because I love the chunk, and I actually like the clean tone you get off them.

Not tried the blackouts, I doubt they'll live upto the hype but I'll try them someday. I'm also considering trying the EMG 18v mod