Hey guys, I got a question for the people in the UK.

I was born in Europe and moved to Canada and now my family is going to move to Scotland for me to study Veterinay Medicine.

I'm planning on applying for Glasgow and Edinburgh for Scotland and Nottingham and Liverpool for England.

Personally I hope to be chosen for Scotland and my question is whether the Universities in Scotland would descriminate my application if they know that I'm also applying for England.

Could somebody give me some input please?
No they wouldn't.

The way the system works each university won't know you've applied somewhere else unless you tell them.

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none of the universities knows whether you have applied to other unis or which ones, although they will assume you are applying to other unis, but they won't hold it against you because every applicant does the same thing.
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No they wouldn't, but you'll have to pay less for your tuition fees in scotland, and I'd have applied for dundee as well, it's supposed to be amazing

Even then, Universities know they're in competition with each other. As long as you're qualified they want you, especially if you're a nice juicy international student paying those inflated fees.