where can i buy some good sandpaper for wet sanding in between coats of paint and stuff like that. i would prefer to be able to buy it in a store as opposed to buying it online. oh and i am in america if that helps. thanks!
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Just go to a hardware store for stuff like that, any sort of handyman shit. You'd be suprised how much stuff there is in hardware stores that can actually be used for guitar/amp maintenance. We have some hardware stores down here which are massive, like, the size of big warehouses, so if you can find one like that you'll definitely be able to find exactly what you're looking for, though the smaller ones should have it too.
Well if it's not in your local hardware store you can order from StewMac by phone, or mail. I've ordered tons of stuff from them and they're definitely reliable
Auto parts places will have some in the paint section. And my local ace has sandpaper upto 1500 grit.
Between Ace & an auto-parts store you should be able to find every grit you need.
if you have a painter's supply store for auto paint, that would be your best bet.
you can probably get your sandpaper and polishing compound much cheaper there.
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