Not bad. Decent deal I think. Should sound pretty good, but the effects are kinda confusing.

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this was the funniest thing ive seen in the pit for weeks.

^about me
too much tone draining processing, not enough tube awesomeness
This is a G chord....i used to be in a cranberries tribute band.
You guys are dicks, nice amp dude I hope you like it. I've never tried one out but I've only heard good things about vox.
Yeah, bro. Congrats!

And where's Goolz?

Clips NAO!
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Clips NAO!

Clipz na !!!!

Also: I have not played the XL. I own the AD50VT though. Great amp. 300 new.
Yeah these amps play pretty well. You should be able to get some awesome sounds out of that thing. I looked at one of these before I bought my AC-30 and they do rock pretty hard

Happy jamming!
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Wearable capo? Maybe he means like clamping the capo to his penis and walking around?

Because that's not what I do with my capo.

Nice purchase. I've no experience with the 100 watt Valvetronix's, how do they sound at a loud volume? Because it should be giggable.
Amps you could have gotten
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Thank you.