I have a midnight wine MIM Strat...it is beautiful but is quite "twangy" and has a hum. The hum from what i have read is a very common occurrence, a 60 cycle hum, or something close to that. I found a mod on guitar nuts on how to shield your guitar. But i have a problem with my 5 way tone selector and i'm not sure if these are related. When i have the toggle switch all the way to the one side or the other or the middle there is a loud buzz. But in the in between positions (2nd and 4th) there is hardly any buzz. I would also like to replace one of the single coil pickups with a humbucker. I would like to replace it with a seymore duncan hot rails so i wouldn't have to replace the pickgaurd. But i'm not sure where to put it i know that the fat strat has the HB in the bridge position but i have seen them made for middle and neck too. What would the differences be in sound.

so i guess in summary...

60 cycle hum related to my toggle switch buzz?

where to put hot rail HB
The 2 and 4 thing is same on every new Strat, it has to do with polarity in parallel.

You don't have to get a new pickguard to put a humbucker in the bridge, just neatly cut (read: not with a soldering gun like I did) the plastic where the pickup will go and it should barely fit where the bridge single coil is now.
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You don not get a hum in 2 and 4 because the guitar is wired to be in a hum cancelling mode when the switch is in that configuration. This is very common.

I would place the hot rail in the bridge
Shield your guitar first, before changing any pickups. Switching to a humbucker is going to really change your tone.

You'd be surprised at how much shielding will reduce hum.
Here's a picture with how it will look if you follow guitarnuts.com's advice: