I'm getting quite a bit of noise from my setup. I'm not sure if I need some high quality patch cables, or if the problem is in my power chain (boss power adaptor with an adaptor to power my pedals).

I go Strat > EH Big Muff PI > MXR Dynacomp > Maxon OOD9 > MXR Smartgate > Boss TU-2.

The smart gate doesn't do anything at all. The noise is so bad I can't get tone through with the smart gate. If I leave my guitar it ends up starting at a low hum and gets quite loud after 5-10 seconds. There is hissing, but this rolling high pitched hum is what bothers me.

Any help would be appreciated.
i dont know much about this sort of thing, but maybe try putting the niose gate in a different place? like between different pedals? that might make it worse, i have no idea what im talking about...
unplug everything and connect the guitar to the amp alone. that way you eliminate the guitar and amp from being the problem. then add one pedal and see if that is causing. keep repeating this by adding one pedal at a time as you would normally chain them. then you will see which gear is causing this.
I had a really noisy setup cuz of my horrible amp, but with the smartgate it's dead silent.

you need to fiddle around with the settings on it. I use it on full with the hi trigger range and the knob at 3 o clock. works great for quick starts and stops, it's dead quiet.

and i put it in this order Guitar>Wah>Metal Muff>Smartgate>Amp.

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It seems to be the EH Big Muff. If I put it on bypass and have my dynacomp and Maxon Organic Overdrive running, I get no noise. The Big Muff has always been noisy, but today I picked up a dynacomp and it's made only the big muff more noisy.

I'm thinking I may need to get some higher quality patch cables. I've heard they make a difference but I honestly don't know how much it will help.
The compressor will amplfi any noise from pedals before it. So if the big muff is noisy the comp will just make it much worse. Usually a compressor is first for this reason.