So I had this in the electric forum, but then realized it was the wrong forum. I'm getting my first electric tomorrow, a squier affinity strat. What I need to know is what kind of amp I should get as a starter amp. I've been playing acoustic for a little over a year now, and don't need something huge that will be big enough to gig with because I won't be doing that for a while. My budget is really low: less than $200, preferably less than $175. I want to play rock. Not metal. I'm not a shred head and don't have much if any interest in playing metal.

So, opinions?

EDIT: What I've gathered from the electric forum is the Roland Micro Cube, Vox Valvtronix, and because I want to play rock, some small tube amps like the Crate V Series and the little 5W Epiphone tube. And I've also been told that Spiders aren't as bad as I think, but they aren't good amps though, are they? Aren't there better choices?
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Fender Champion 600. Tubed (though cheap tubes) 5 watts, mods to the amp are a bit easier and with better results than the Epiphone. Fender put all the money in the amp portion, as opposed to the speaker, and it shows when you change the speaker or hook up a external speaker. I chose it over the Epi for those reasons, both are fine actually, but both needs tube replacements with better ones. The big advantage is you can upgrade them, and with outside mods like a new transformer, keeps the amp current as you improve, till the time comes to get a bigger setup when it's justified.

As is, both are good, but when you add a couple JJ tubes and a new weber speaker, the sound is surprisingly good. Certainly better than any Solid State in that price range, most of them have the money tied into the effects board, and most of that is pretty bad compared to pedals or Pro Rack gear.

A good example, my Kid wanted a GDEC, for the effects. He went Golly Gee about it for a few days, after a week, he decided to play through the champion instead.
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