Well pit, I just finished watching American Gangster. At the end, the main character receives a seventy year prison sentence, which was reduced to 15 years (or so, I believe)

This reminded me of a book that I read last summer about drug enforcement laws. The author made an argument against reduced sentences, by saying that upper tier criminals have more information to share, and therefore serve less time in prison.

What do you think? Is it right for a serious criminal to serve minimal jail time, because they blew the whistle on other criminals? Even if their cooperation leads to several arrests, and does society good?
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if one criminal only serves 1 year in jail, but takes several other criminals off the street at the same time. Then it's for the best.

If those criminals all spill the beans on their buddies and get 40~ criminals off the street, the even better.

I guess its better for have more criminals off the street for a shorter period of time then have on criminal off the street for a long time.
For those who care.
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Yeah. They usually only use the guys that aren't at the bottom but aren't at the top to get the high up guys. They also will only do it if the person they arrested has the information they don't know about.

Its the reason Whitey Bolger has so many warrants out for him and that there is so much evidence against him.

I'm way to messed in the head to answer this intelligently... I've seen lots of Bio specials on the issue.
It could be good because you might get 50 crims off the street even if this one gets back on the street much sooner than they usually would, there's alot less risk and it would reduce the incidence of organised crime.
well there really isn't a good variety of incentives to choose from while dealing with powerful people like that.

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