hey. until recently i was going to use £600 on a guitar and £400 on an amp, but now im gonna spend £400 on a guitar and £600 on the amp because ive heard that you should spend more on your amp than your guitar. im gonna get a Orange Rocker 30 amp. what guitar should i get under £400? i like les paul shapesand i would prefer humbuckers. any suggestions?
I would say a Vintage V100, and mod it. A cheap, good guitar, and with the mods it'll sound really good.

But hey, what do I know?
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Tokai might be worth looking into.
If you can find a second hand japanese made one, you're on to a winner there.

I wish I could afford an orange
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Tokai Les Paul or an Epiphone SG. You could get a Gibson SG Special faded for £450
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Import yourself one Agile AL-3000 or 3100. I did and i'm still darn proud of it.

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If Humbuckers are preferred, and you like les pauls, i would go for a high end epiphone, maybe the black beauty.
Or if you like strats/telecasters i would get a fender.

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If you can find one... a ESP KH-203.
LP body, but has EMG81 pickups. Floyd rose aswell i think
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I'd say look into the michael kelly patriot line.
Very nice guitars.
Also tokai make pretty good lp copies
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either an epi lp custom from gak (£335 iirc) or an ltd ec-whatever you want
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What styles do you play? Because if you like metal, maybe one of those new Epiphone Prophecy Les Pauls, they come with EMG 81/85 set or Gibson Dirty Fingers (it depends what model you buy) and have speed-tapered necks I believe. If not metal, try looking at Agile, Edwards or Tokai.
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Import yourself one Agile AL-3000 or 3100. I did and i'm still darn proud of it.
No point. Vintage are made in the same factory to the same quality and you can buy a Vintage in most UK stores for much less than it would cost to import an Agile.
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Doh, I remember you saying you were interested in my Rocker 30 ages ago but then you didn't show interested, would have been much cheaper!

Anyway, Epi Les Paul Custom.
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yeh a washburn x50 pro would be a safe bet. im gunna say jackson dk2m or a used ibanez rg550 cos i love super strats
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