Haya peeps!
So I set out to make my own guitar, and It's done! I'll post picks soon, once the camera starts working, so for now I'll describe what has become the Tuxedo Tellecaster Terror!

It started out with a pre made white tele body with black binding, but the nutter who made it made it p!ssed and the neck pocket was out of line with the center line, so I had to re-rout that out. The Bridge pickup was re-routed to take a humbucker. I got the pups seom Axetech and the rest from Axesrus. The bridge is a through-body load with a cool chrome fire effect at the rear of the saddle block. The controlls are the standard tele layout, but i got concentric pots, and wired it like a les paul for more controll and killswitch capability.

In total, it took about 5 sessions with my dads friend who's built a load of guitars before, (Thanks Paul!) and alot of head scratching, but its just about totally done (tweaking to be finnished as of this post).
Check out www.dragondreams.org.uk and you should see he's written some about it.

I'm now planning my next baby, and I was thinking a solid-body ES-355 shape with a custom carved top that gives way to the base wood in places...should be a sexy build.

Pics to come!
I can do no wrong, for I do not know what wrong is.

The Gear:
Squire 50th Stratocaster (Pimped Out)
Gibson SG Standard
Tuxedo Telecaster Terror (Own Build)
Nameless Les paul
Marshall MGFX 100 Combo