I have an ESP m-1000 guitar which has the EMG 81 magnets.they are not what i need....they are too sterile......yes they are.......and i want to change to some passive pickups(probably seymour duncans).so id like to know is it to much job to change from active to passive.......i m not going to change them by myself but i would like to know.i play metal in one group.....blues in a second band......and everything what i feel when im home ......so is it a difficult job?thanks
ps i also hate to have a battery in my guitar
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You have to change the pots in your guitar too, actives use 25k pots, passives use 250 or 500k.
You have to change the pots and caps to passive values, and make sure the jack is wired up in mono mode,

you also need to make sure you then sheild all the cavities and ground the pups to it properly.

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