Was just wondering, is it a good idea to get a guitar with a tremolo system? By which I mean; will having a guitar I can whammy with improve anything, or will I just end up playing it like a regular guitar pretending I'm Herman Li?

Also I've been told some tremolo systems make guitars really hard to tune. Now assuming that's true, does it become nearly impossible or just slightly more difficult?
go in for a guitar with a floyd rose trem locking system it has great tuning stability abd good for extreme whammy bar effects
Trems are good if you want to do whammy tricks; dive bombs and such. If your don't care about those things, it's a pointless hassle, because yes, they do complicate the tuning and restringing process quite a bit.
As for tuning, you get used to it. If you get a guitar with a good quality trem (i.e. original floyd rose) it will have better tuning stability, IMO.

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You should really just get it, assuming the music you play uses it alot.

Theres no point paying extra for a guitar with a tremolo if you just play like power-chord punk or whatever.

But if you get one without locking trems, be ready to tune all the time.
If you get one with locking trems, be ready to keep unlocking them if you want to down-tune. (If your in standard or one tuning all the time though, this'd be the best option)

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