Title pretty much says it all. I'm a newb when it comes to recording equipment and software but I have the keyboard already.
What I don't know about is the cables, interfaces and software I'm gonna need to buy. Pretty much, what the hell am I gonna need if I want to start recording synth tracks etc with my keyboard? If it's not too much trouble

Also, I'll be using a mac.
what type of board are you using?

Basics you will need is a midi or usb interface for the board. Then a program to run it with. A vsti and a host program, or a standalone, such as Reason.

We are going to need more info in order to do anything else for you.
Ok, sorry. I'm using a a Yamaha DGX 500 which I've had for about 5 years. I'll also be using logic pro for editing/ recording.

What Midi usb interfaces are out there and how does the quality vary?
I have never worked with a Midi to usb interface however they are pretty straight forward.
Midi out on the Yamaha to usb in on the comp. = done

Since I have never used logic I am not sure if there are built in sounds or not. I would assume that there are but ehh.... what do I know.
Your going to have to find a vsti/some other program that allows for you to play more sounds.

Once your plugged in and synced to Logic with a sound up, all you should have to do is hit record and then play.
Stick this in your keyboard and computer, and that should be it. Afterwards, get a good DAW that can handle software instruments. A really good one is MOTU's Digital Performer...Ableton and Cubase are other solid choices too. I recommend trying them out in a Guitar Center or trying out demos before deciding. Pro Tools is actually horrible with MIDI.
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Yep. And Logic has plenty of decent built in synths so you shouldn't have any problems there.
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