yeah, I was just fixing up a telecaster that I found in my house one day; adjusted neck, bridge, neck pick-up, fixed some tuning pegs, bleached the pickguard, and fixed the input jack. I plug the guitar in and nothing happens. I start messing around with the volume and tone knobs and I find that the tone knob is probably completely destroyed. I spin it around and around and nothing happens, where as if I do that with the volume it comes to a stop after 3/4 of a revolution or so.

Is this tone knob stopping the whole guitar from playing through, or should I be looking for something else? The guitar is in pretty good condition, and it's 15 years old.

I borrowed this picture from google and circled whats wrong:


(for some reason the image won't post onto the forums)
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I can't help you, but I'm curious. How do you just find a tele in your house and what year and model is it?
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It was my dad's old guitar, he never used it. I was just looking through some shit and found it.

I don't know the year and model, I just know that it's around 15 years old and it's a mexican tele
Take off the control plate and see if all the wires are still soldered to the pot and if , when you turn the knob does the whole pot turn with it. If the ground connection is broken then you probably will not get any sound from it. You can pick up a new pot for $5.00 so it is a quick and cheap place to start.
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yeah, the tone pot doesn't move at all, the volume pot does.

I know a tone pot is cheap but I'd be lucky to ever get it in (I am not in control of gathering parts). When you say that it's a quick and cheap place to start, it sounds like your telling me that it would not stop it. I didn't fix the input jack very well, I just recollected pieces of the jack and put it back together. I know I have one or two unfamiliar parts so I just put it away in a drawer instead of spending a million years figuring out what it's for.

Other than plugging it into an amp just to find out there's no sound, is there any other way I can find out if my input jack works or not?
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id draw up a diagram of the wiring and post it here if i where you

so we can see if theres anything wrong with that before sending you off to buy pots