Hey all,
I just got a new roland 15 amp. I have noticed a buzzing sound when using the distortion channel. I didn't notice this when testing it. Clean channel isn't too bad. I am using a MIM Strat and when i have the pup setting at 1,3 and 5 the buzzing is noticeable. I am also uisng a cheapo patch cord. Is it my pups or the cord?
might be the chord, but generally high gain amps give out a slight background buzz, but idk how much distortion your using to produce the buzing
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i turned the gain down from 7 to 5 and it doesn't seem to bad now. What do people normally keep gain at?
it's really noticeable with headphones on even when on the clean channel. Man this is annoying as hell
single coils are noisy, cant really avoid that unless you sheild it better or use "noiseless" single coils.
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buzz comes from single coils and poor grounding/shielding. all mexican and even american strats buzz. mim stock pickups are trash. i suggest you change them or at least shield your pickguard
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