Have started to practice again after a long summer with mostly just playing. Now, i have made my own practice plan that I will try to go trough every day.

The concept about the plan is that i pick up some riffs and solos and play them using the speed trainer on Guitar pro. I go from slow to fast with 5bpm increase after every playtrought and after that, go from fast to slow with 10bpm decrease for each playtrought.

but I'm not really sure if this is good training. It's fun, but will there be any results?

Right now I'm practicing highway star "fast solo" and carry me home "intro" + a chromatic scale.
sounds pretty good for picking and fretting accuracy, but what i would also do is practice going from fast to slow quickly instead of just shifting from one to the other gradually.
that sounds good to get your technique up but... maybe you want to learn a little bit while your practicing your technique. try writing out some scales on guitar pro that you don't know yet then making your own solos.
That's arguably way too short a timeframe - the idea with building speed is you do it over days, even weeks...not one evening.

Don't chase speed, it doesn;t work - just concentrate on playing accurately, cleanly and in time. Speed will come in it's own time, if you try to play too fast too soon you'll just end up playing badly.
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Yeah, i know about the speed secret. Maybe you misunderstood me, but i play it slow, so i can play it as clean as possible, then i go up to check if i have made any improvements. But i do the riffs slowly everyday, but maybe i should set more time for slowplaying and cut off some of the fast stuff....

And btw, i actually have created a solo ^^, and a song too. Love to just improve solos on every song i can, it doesnt always sound good, but sometimes i use the scales well