ok i have a Gibson sg and i was playing it then i noticed that the G string was out of tune. so i tune it and then i left the tuner on and started strumming the g string and i watched it come out of tune. What should i do?
I have an sg too. You should check to see if there is anything abnormal in the headstock area that could be messing with the string. Also, is it a string that you just put on the guitar?
it could be the machine heads becasue a simalar thing happened to my sg you should consider replacing the machine head(s)
Since G is the largest steel string, and not rounded, it is mostr likely to be put on wrong.
Did you put the string on? Or did someone do it for you?
Try rubbing some pencil lead on the nut where the string sits. alot of times with plastic nuts the string will get caught and when you try to tune it you can hear like a "ping" noise and the string will all of a sudden pop out of tune. if not it could be the machine head. The g string usually takes a lot of abuse with all the bends so you may just need to tighten the machine head if there is a screw on the top of it.
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