While surfing the internet I found all these low-priced guitar companies like Manito, Alex Chase, Jay Turser, and Galvestone. has anyone ever played one of these?
never heard of any of them to be honest
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Nope, but that's probably for good reason. I'd stay with a major brand, less of a gamble that way.
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yeah, the manito company just makes a bunch of guitars in China.
I heard that Galvestons have bad electronics but make good project guitars.
I have a Jay turser JT Slimmer. Its basically a cheap, $200 guitar with the exact body shape of the Ibanez JS series. It comes with pretty nice pickups, and it plays amazingly nice for the price. This company basically makes cheaper versions of famous guitars, but you should definitely check out the SHARK GUITAR. Its pretty badass!
Anyways, this guitar stock is good enough for me, and I play everything from Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen to Led Zeppelin, ACDC and Metallica. It works well for all genres, but I choose to get some hotter pickups. These guitars are cheaper, but only in the sense of price. A Great value for 200 bucks I'd say, at least for my guitar.
The only one of those i hear good things about is Jay Turser
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Jay Turser's are pretty nice. At my old local guitar shop, those and arbor's were pretty much the standard for beginner guitars.
Jay Tursers aren't too bad for the price.

If you want a guitar with good features for a cheap price check out SX, Agile, Douglas and Xaviere guitars.
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I used to work at a store that sold JT. I was never that impressed but they used to (maybe they still do) make copies of known models - like a Music Man bass, etc... We sold Epiphone which I thought was better.
I love my galvestone plexi-bass. It is awesomely odd. It has 3 knobs, 2 are individual volume controls for the 2 pickups, and the last knob, oddly enough, controls the gain. The pickups are pretty bad, and the neck looks scarily warped, but everything works fine.

Also, the body is built like a tank, I can't imagine breaking it.
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Jay turser looks like it would be cool to check out. I was looking at these as a project guitar too.