ok so I said in a earlier post I am a drummer of 8 years that had played around guitar alittle bit but i just bought a acoustic electric (had a hamer electric before) and really have been playing the acoustic alot but i'm still a newbie and don't know much

So here's the thing I've been asked to play and sing a song for this gig with a friends band and i know what i want to do but i don't have the music to play I want to do a acoustic kind of mellow of Crazy in Love by beyonce but I need chords I know snow patrol covers the song along with Switchfoot but i don't know what verson to use plus since I'm so new i really would like it if i could get chords over lyrics so i know exactly when to transition

so if anyone could help my with this asap i would really really really appricate it thanks
Switchfoot's version isnt so mellow, if i recall. Use the Snow Patrol version i think. They are much more mellow in general i think.
well neither one is really mellow but i thought maybe i could just use those chords and make it mellow